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The Future of EVSE Service Management

At Fuser, we are revolutionizing the way EV charger installation, maintenance, and repair is managed.

With Fuser, you can take your EV charging projects to the next level.

Our innovative technology platform empowers businesses and professionals in the electric vehicle industry to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure efficient operations.

Key Features

Project Management

Fuser streamlines EV charging project management. Plan, track, and execute seamlessly. Centralize tasks from assessments to installation. Stay organized, meet deadlines, achieve exceptional results.


Fuser fosters collaboration for EV charging projects. Contractors, electricians, technicians, and project managers seamlessly work together. Real-time communication, document sharing, and progress tracking enhance productivity and teamwork.


A knowledgebase in Fuser provides electricians and support staff with easy access to comprehensive resources, reducing downtime for EV chargers.

Optimized Maintenance and Repairs

Fuser optimizes EV charging maintenance. Streamlined workflows, real-time notifications, automated work orders, and task assignment. Minimize downtime, optimize schedules, enhance user experience.

Enhanced Compliance and Reporting

Fuser simplifies compliance management by providing a comprehensive platform to track permits, inspections and regulatory documentation.

Join the EV Charging Revolution with Fuser

Unlock the full potential of your EV charging projects with Fuser. Simplify workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure efficient operations. Experience seamless project management, intelligent asset management, optimized maintenance and repairs, and enhanced compliance, all in one innovative platform. Join the EV charging revolution today and stay ahead of the competition with Fuser.

Schedule a demo or get in touch with our team to learn more about how Fuser can transform your EV charging business. Together, let's build a sustainable and connected future, one charge at a time.

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