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The Open Marketplace Platform for EVSE Service & Installation

Seamless collaboration for every aspect of charging infrastructure maintenance

Helping businesses and professionals create more efficient EVSE operations

Fuser’s open marketplace platform creates a central collaboration point for all EVSE stakeholders. And it lets charge point operators order service on-demand, then manage the dispatch, logistics and tracking of each service request.

Key Features


Fuser puts certified installers just one click away. It offers a fast and convenient way to order charging infrastructure installation anywhere in the country.


Fuser’s monitoring and tracking features make it easy to manage electric infrastructure service appointments. Check the status of an appointment, find out when the electrician is scheduled to arrive, even stay on top of parts ordering, cost estimates and estimated resolution times.

Service Information

Fuser creates a the industry's most comprehensive for OEM product documentation—along with an open discussion forum—giving field electricians the information they need to provide fast and accurate service on every request.

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Whether your EVSE is out of service or just needs routine maintenance, Fuser pushes your request to the registered & certified electrical contractors in your area. You can review job bids, award the project and manage its resolution—all from a single application.

Workforce Development

Fuser makes it easy for electricians to access EVSE training and certification for all the major charger OEMs. Fuser provides a direct line between the workforce and workforce development, creating business opportunities for electricians, and strengthening support for the charging infrastructure.

Total Flexibility

Fuser’s flexible interface lets you customize its set-up according to the needs of your organization. And its robust automation features help simplify a wide range of complex tasks.


Building a more sustainable future.

One charge at a time.

Register today or place a service request, and let Fuser transform your EV charging business.

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