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Our Services

Our innovative technology platform provides key services to stakeholders within the EV charging industry.

Collaboration Tools & Knowledgebase

  • Effective collaboration across your organization

  • Real-time case management

  • Organize data by product, versions, error codes, …

  • Capture on-the-job images and videos

  • Automated fix recommendations and reminders

Training & Learning Management System

  • Learning Management System built-in

  • Publish and track training for your internal and external teams

  • Integrated quizzes, surveys, and certificates

  • Zoom support for webinar features

  • Complete e-commerce support (credit card payments)


Service Workflows & Guided Troubleshooting

  • Drag and Drop editor

  • Standard Operating Procedures, Installation Checklists, various other use-cases

  • Interactive Guided Troubleshooting on mobile

  • Capture detailed metrics for traceability

  • Integrate forms, files, images, video

Service Library

  • Organize, author and store key service information

  • Manage a variety of file types

  • Robust access control and approval process

  • Built-in HTML editor

  • Powerful search feature

  • Bookmark and download content


Schedule & Dispatch

  • Schedule and assign work orders

  • Dynamic appointment forms

  • Kanban-style dashboard

  • Technician job tracking

  • Integrated Google Maps

  • Manage entire process via mobile apps

Tech Support & Automation

  • Efficiently manage and route support requests

  • Ticket management, escalation and reminders

  • Automated ticket routing based on skills and products

  • Customizable response shortcuts


Analytics & Reports

  • Capture relevant usage data

  • Convert analytics to business intelligence

  • Provide dashboard with standard, configurable, and customizable reporting capability

Work Orders & Customers

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